What would you never survive without?

The answer is of course food, sleep and water. You would definitely be able to live without advertising campaigns.

Today Jessica Greenwood brought up this question. Our focus in the Fly Garage is to come up with solutions that will be useful for the customer during a long time instead of just trying to get their attention for a short period. The way the advertising industry, if that’s what we should still call it, is heading is towards creating services that are so good that people want to talk about them rather than campaigns that make people go to a service.

This is exactly the approach we have been influenced to have at Hyper Island, I to work like this and I want to continue to do so in the future. I really want to and think I can be part of changing the world and to create useful services that change peoples behavior for the better is definitely a way t do it.

Jessica has shown us a lot of good examples of products like this from around the world today, but one that really stuck was an application from New Zeeland bank Westpac that helps you to impulse save money as easy as it is to impulse shop. This is like a campaign, but it is a product that can be used everyday and it improves the lifes of the target group. Klick here to learn more about the app.