What would you put on your shoot-for-the-stars-list?

As I mentioned in earlier posts about Project Fly, the inspiration to start up an innovation incubator for digital solutions within Kraft came from other companies doing the same. I just came over this article in NY Times about Google X lab. Since Google as a company is like a big innovation incubator in itself, Google X is like the innovation incubator of the innovation incubator, that might give us a hint on how far they are reaching with this initiative.

Most of the ideas are still in a very conceptual stage and it will probably take some more time before Google can prototype them, but to give you an idea of what level of innovation we are talking about one of the 100 shoot-for-the-stars ideas on their list is an elevator to space. Even if many of their ideas are very far in the future and very unrealistic today, we need initiatives like this to make companies move forward but also to strengthen their image as forward thinking, something that many companies are trying hard to be.

What would you put on your list of dream innovations to develop for your company or yourself? We don’t know what the future is so we might as well create it. Have fun!