Workshops and Projects

I design and facilitate creative workshops and projects for brands, agencies, startups, schools and events.

With various years experience of designing and facilitating workshops, my passion is to increase teams creative confidence and ability to use their collective intelligence by giving them tools to develop concrete output and advance on projects. 

During the workshops teams get to experiment and practice methods and mindsets for collaborative design and learning organizations. You will acquire a set of tools that increase your teams creative confidence, capacity to learn and develop projects.

I can also help you produce projects, and introduce new processes and tools, in the digital as well as in the real world.




Half day workshop

In this workshop, based on collaboration and experimental learning, the participants will have the opportunity to generate new ideas for projects. You will get the resources to facilitate a creative process with your team,  and tools based on visual collaboration for the development of ideas. A deeper understanding of what you need to generate a creative and collaborative environment that inspires, motivates and create confidence.

After this activity you will have:

  • Tools for generating ideas developing concepts
  • Tools that will help you plan and facilitate a session of your own
  • Ideas for projects


Half a day, one day, two days, once a week.

If you have special events or subjects that you would like to plan a workshop for.
I do workshops online and in person.

Learning goals and meeting outcomes are based on your needs.