The Graph Rank decides what social apps shows in your ticker

As everyone else I’m currently trying to find out how to use the new Facebook features and social applications.

My latest findings is this article on what you need to think about to make the app appear in the ticker.

First it needs to be relevant to many people. If Facebook think that your activity is relevant to your friend based on your common interests, the chance your activity will show up on the friends ticker is bigger.

What also matters is how much you use it. For example, I click the Spotify links all the time, this makes the Spotify updates show up more often for me since I interact more with it.

The third thing that matters is how recently you clicked on an update. If I click on an update once and never agin, this type of update will eventually disappear.

All these things need to be considered when developing your social applications. Good luck! I’m looking forward to see what apps will eventually be introduced!

“In the near future, there will no doubt be an explosion of social apps on the market, and Facebook, naturally, will give more weight to certain apps and updates than others. So how do you make sure your company’s social app is prominently displayed in the Tickers and News Feeds of your customers and potential customers? By paying attention to the three factors that determine an app’s Graphrank: co-efficient, interaction, and time decay.

The co-efficient factor refers to the relationship between two users. If Facebook determines that two users have many common interests, then the app activity from one user will be prominently displayed in the other user’s Ticker and News Feed. If two users have few common interests, app activity will be less prominently displayed. The second factor, interaction, is based on how often a user interacts with an app and how their friends react to it. If there is little interaction, then app activities will be shown less frequently. Finally, the time decay factor means that if an app is used only once, activity notices will appear less and less frequently and may even disappear altogether.

Businesses, your task is clear: you need to adapt your social media strategy to reap the benefits of frictionless sharing and realtime serendipity. Specifically, take advantage of Facebook’s Open Graph and the unlimited possibilities for social apps. And finally, ensure that any social app you develop is useful for your customers. Only by creating an app that is truly relevant, will you be able to ensure the kind of continuous interaction that lands your brand in someone’s Top Stories.”

Read the whole article here.