Month: February 2011

Don’t forget who you are!

Had an intervju today with social anthropologist Raoul Galli today. What I will bring with me from today is to remember who I am. What I mean by this is that when I as a person who works in advertising try to stereotype to be able to speak to the target group in the right way I need to remember that my place in the social structure will affect my view. To be a good strategist and creative it is probably very good to sometimes step out of the advertisement bubble and go hang out with the other people in the world.

That’s also why I think that I might be good at advertising. I never only hang out with one particular group.

Need to rewrite this tomorrow, really tired!

What’s left to do…

What’s left to do???

Especially with Google, you get the feeling that everything has been done before. You probably recognize the situation: you have an awesome idea. You Google it and you find at least one similar thing that has already been done.

So what’s left to do?!?!!

The solution is: combine old things into new combinations!!! Now the possibilities are endless!!! Never say never again!!! Victory!!!

5 things I learned about presentations on the PechaKucha night at Berns

Yesterday I went to the PechaKutcha night at Berns to listen to presentations on design. The event was held by Svensk Form as part of the Stockholm Design Week.

The people who did the presentations are very talented and had very interesting things to tell. It was very interesting to see them use the presentation technique PechaKutcha. This technique means that you present with 20 slides and talk about each one 20 seconds. It was very interesting to see how they did and connect it to what I know about presenting.

What I learned from the presenters where:
1. If you make a mistake, don’t admit it. Just go on and no one will notice.
2. Practice before you present so that you know if you follow the time limitations.
3. Don’t read from a paper, it doesn’t sound personal.
4. The slide shown at the moment should correspond to what you currently are talking about.
5. Talk about personal experiences to make it more personal.

It’s always cool to analyze things you read about in real life, it makes it easier to understand and really stick.

I really like this way of doing presentations and I’m looking forward to using it next time I will present something! I really like writing presentation scripts and do presentations, even if I’m a bit nervous when I do.

What are you’re best tips for goos presentations?