Month: December 2013

#botshop ddb stockholm

The public transportation company in Sweden recently released a website inspired by asks the public to vote on what they would like SL to spend the money people pay fines for using the transportation without paying.

#botshop sl
The site by DDB Stockholm

There are many things about this site that feels a bit old fashioned. The things you can vote on are things such as bus shelters (imagine waiting for the bus in -20), and new wagons. These are things I think SL should be taking care of anyway without waiting for the public to vote on it.

#hopshop sl
The site by is a swedish organization that promotes free public transportation. It didn’t take long before they published their own site where you can choose how you would like to spend the money we would save by making public transportation free. SL are spending huge amounts on technology and staff to prevent people from planking, riding for free.

Generally, it just feels very old to promote a surveillance system instead of making it free when it is very possible the free solution would actually be cheaper for society.

what are you up to? by DDD for the Swedish military service
What are you up to?” by DDD Stockholm for the Swedish military service

Campaign by DDB earlier this year questioning the superficial things young people are occupied with today. Maybe it makes more people consider a career in the military, maybe the money could have been better spend on a more informative campaign.

While DDBs campaigns build on more traditional values, is a lot more honest and productive. Would still like to see how did the calculation of how making public transportation free would actually give the company a better result by only fund through taxes.

Music from Sweden

Swedish 16 year old rapping about drugs is nominated for Swedish music grammy. Music inspired by american rappers. His visuals are very nostalgic and make us think of back in nineties when you where a kid, watched manga, watching tacky websites on the internet and everything was easier.

Tendencies . tech instead of social media

Mashable used to be all about social media. Now they are featuring techn stories.

They recently posted the story of Lady Gagas flying dress carried by drones and Microsofts smart bra.

An indication of where advertising is going maybe. Who remembers the “How to post on Facebook” stories Mashable used to publish? Now we already know how to post, now we want to know what to post. Using digital technology to create buzz isn’t enough either, we are more impressed by solutions that add value.

And everyone has their own innovation lab, including Gaga.