Change gender Instagram app

“I have changed my salary!”

This is an image of my friend Sara as a man. During the weekend the fb newsfeed started to fill up with these pictures.

In Sweden, a country that wants to be known for being one of the most equal countries in the world, there are still big differences between the genders when it comes to salaries. Men still earn more money than women for the same work.

To draw attention to this Kommunal, which is the biggest union of Sweden made up of both government and private employees, created an app that lets women create images with them as men. You can choose between several different men looks, from young hipster to senior dressed in tuxedo.

This is an example of how interactive media can be used to draw attention to causes or educate. By interacting you are more likely remember the message than if you would have just heard it.

Try the app:
Download the app at Google play!