Concept Development

After flying free for a while in the Fly Garage it is time to land and start narrow down what ideas to continue to develop into concepts. Like we do at Hyper Island we have been very open during the initial idea generation phase but now it is time to close for new ideas and develop the ones we have.

Tomorrow we will present the concepts to our target group to see what they like and don’t like. Jessica gave us some good tips on how to develop concepts for a first run of presentations and feedback that I would like to share with you:

Use few words and more images to explain the concept.

Only present one idea per concept. Remember that it is the first time your audience will hear the idea and many small ideas in one concept can be confusing.

Keep the concepts you present distinct. If two concepts are similar it is better to kill one to make the best one stand out.

Avoid advertising jargon. Your target group doesn’t know the vocabulary or care about it.

Brand the concepts for the test. Try to present it the way it will look irl when it is done.

Show the actual campaign. You don’t have to show them mood boards or strategy, only what they will actually see in the streets/online.

Thank you for following my blog! Hope you feel that you can learn something! I try to share things I learned here as often as possible. Even if you already know a lot of stuff I write about, writing about things helps me understand it better.