Does more cook books make us cook more?

The swedes buy more cook books than ever but we cook less food ourselves. Since the fantastic pictures of food and complicated receipts gives us unrealistically high expectations on the food we cook we feel that we cannot live up to these expectations and the true outcome is that we instead of cooking more food at home we eat out more. Read the Metro article here.

We need a movement that shows us what food really looks like, like the movement where supermodels modeled without makeup and photoshop. Domino has made this video with CP+B that unveils the makeup tricks done on food shoots. You can find the video here. The clip is not available on YouTube unfortunately.

We need to create the right expectations but are we as marketers ready to give up the fairy tale world we live in? I think we need to do what we can here. Take strawberries for example, since movies, both animated and real, only show perfectly shaped strawberries the consumers won’t buy strawberries with multiple tips since they are unfamiliar with them. A lot of food is thrown away because of this. I know this and therefore I wouldn’t hesitate to buy an unevenly shaped strawberry but other people might not. Not the marketing people alone can change this, we need the suppliers, farmers and distributors to participate in the movement too, but if we get a chance to show what the real world looks like without makeup I think we can contribute with something good!