Flasheaba.com – a cabinet of curiosity

This artwork by Howard Reingold explains pretty good what my vision of flasheaba.com is.

The Pataphysical Slot Machine is a community oracle is designed to work a bit like an interactive I-Ching or Tarot deck: we invite you to ask a question about your future. When you are ready, click on the big red button — and ‘instructions from the future’ will be revealed, prompting you to open one of 21 “wonderboxes.” Each wonderbox contains a scene that will help you reflect about your life. We’re asking our art community to create the scenes for this collaborative knowledge accumulator.

This project was inspired by the Renaissance’s “cabinets of curiosity” (see Wunderkammer), mexican retablos and french poet Alfred Jarry’s Pataphysics movement.

As he compares the artwork to a Renaissance cabine of curiosity, flasheaba.com is also supposed to be a place to explore for new insights.

See the project on his flickr:

I subscribe to Howard on Facebook, I recommend you to subscribe too. A good way to fill your Facebook wall with some mind opening content. Howard is one of the people who was there to form the internet when it first was formed. He has the whole history and is definitely interesting to listen too. His theories about social media was started to be formed long before community management existed as a job title.