How do you treat your climate change anxiety?

Today I’m sick. I’m lying in bed working. It is raining outside but not enough so I’m listening to this.

I need to get better at analyzing campaigns and show it off at my website so that’s part of what I’m gonna do today. To get some inspiration I visited Nina Åkestams blog but then I found this article by Jonas Paulsson about climate change anxiety. Climate change anxiety is the anxiety you feel when you think about the climate changes that are and will occure due to our irresponsible life style, especially here in the western world. This anxiety can make feel very eager to change your habits to prevent climate changes. Like other anxieties this one can fade away when you are not exposed to the throughts anymore, or they make you change your habits for good.

I can really relate to Nina’s and Jonas anxiety, I get it myself quite often. I haven’t gone as far as Jonas yet but I’m definitely doing some stuff different now. I have a list on my fridge door that tells me what food I can buy and eat and what I can’t buy and eat. Among the stuff I can’t buy are of course meat, fish and exotic fruits. Without these things the list of things I can buy might sound boring, but since the good list is longer than the bad list it doesn’t look to bad. There are still a lot of beans and vegetables that I can buy. I have a hard time though to decide what to do about eggs, but I don’t buy eggs that often, once every second month maybe, so it might not be too big of a problem. I still buy a lot of dairy products, I figured soy products aren’t that good for the environment either since they have to get rid of a lot of trees in the rainforests to be able to grow them.

I don’t go abroad or fly that often, I prefer to go away for a long time when I do go somewhere instead and then I don’t have to go away that often in between. When I went to Asia and North America I stayed for half a year and one year at respectively occasion.

When I’m with my family I try to make them taking the subway instead of the car when we are going somewhere together.

I try to buy as much clothes as possible second hand and I buy much less clothes now than I used to.

I wish I did more, and that I never had to eat meat, but I also realize that in order to change society the governments has to do so much more when it comes to laws and regulations in order to be able to see some real changes. Things are moving too slow and we think too much about the economical consequences of such laws and regulations. I believe that here in the western world we already have such a high standard so we should be able to lower our consumption levels a bit. Let’s face it, most of us won’t do it ourselves and that’s why it is so important that the governments force us to change. I’m very liberal in most ways but when it comes to climate change I guess I might sound a bit like a communist or something.

What do you do when climate change anxiety hits you?