How to win friends and influence people

Right now I’m reading how to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie. He wrote the book in the 1930’s because he saw a need for a book that could help people become more popular and win people over to their side. After reading this book and apply the principles people have become more successful at their work but also found more happiness, both in their career and in their home.

Something I really like about my job is getting along with clients (and colleagues) and successful pitches. As a consultant, sales person and presenter in the advertising world I hope I can pick up some good insights from this book.

Something else I like about this book is the language and style. I love reading older books, J.D. Salinger is another favorite. They feel sophisticated and elegant but still cool in a very straight forward way.

I will try to give you a couple of tips once I’ve gotten a bit further in the book.