Is music three dimensional?

I’m definitely subscribing to the updates of this product :p

For a long time I have wanted to start experimenting with making music in Ableton Live and lately I started to look at how to create sounds with Pure Data which has an interface that looks like mind maps, if you look at the video and compare it to the interface in Pure Data you can sense some kind of similarity. The idea of Pure Data is to create a more visual interface for programming.

An example of what you can make in Pure Data is the online radio channel of Salon Pueyrredon which is made in Pure Data. As I mentioned you can also make sounds but you can also program visuals and create interfaces. I’m learning more about Pure Data (free to use) and Max MSP (the original software that you have to pay to use) and I will definitely tell you more about it as soon as I know more.

Until then I’ll watch this video and imagine all the cool stuff you can make. Programming and music are not flat, they are three dimensional structures and if you learn more about how it works you can start to imagine these structures while developing. A different way of working with programming compared to writing a document with code in Coda or another software more commonly used for programming.

Don’t know if I can wait until 2013 when this will be released though. We’ll see if I managed to create my own interface for music in Pure Data before then.

Thanks to @e_imasaka for the inspiration!