Kinder suprise?

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that here in Argentina they sell Kinder egg in pink and blue*. When I grew up there was only orange. The same for boys and girls. That was never something that bothered me as a kid, and neither my brothers.

What bothers me about pink and blue Kinder eggs is not the color, it’s the content. The pink eggs contain jewelry and cute animals, the blue eggs contain sets for small cars that you have to put together yourself and other more complex toys. What do we tell our kids when we give our little girls jewelry to play with and our boys toys for aspiring engineers? It’s 2013, aren’t we passed the old times when women where just supposed to be pretty housewifes and men worked for the both? Maybe there was pink and blue eggs all the time, they just didn’t sell them in Sweden?

I have travelled quite a bit and never seen pink and blue eggs before. Why this bothers me is that Kinder has always had eggs that doesn’t separate boys and girls, to start selling separate eggs for boys and girls feels like a step backwards. When I imagine the future I definitely believe in a more equal society if we can assume that we become more intelligent as we evolve.

The surprise kind of disappears as well if you by the color can tell what type of toy you will get, or maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t want my surprise spoiled.

*There is a green egg as well that contains animals, and an orange with the old mix of toys, which could be regarded as kind of unisex. But a green egg doesn’t make up for the blue and the pink eggs.