Learnings from Deeplocal

Last night my friend asked me what I’ve learned from Deeplocal. That’s what Hyper friends are for, reminding me to reflect! Really need to build that reflection application… I always write down good questions to ask myself when working on new ideas and I need to collect them somewhere.

Anyway, here we go! The examples are from the Chalk Bot by Deep local.

Learnings top 3:

It’s all about doing something that people want to use, because it is fun or useful, and not trying to force them to do something they aren’t already doing. In Tour de France people where already writing messages on the streets for the races. When the helicopters are filming the race from above millions of people can see the messages.

Prototype early. You don’t know what the innovation will be like until you can try it. You can talk about the concept and the idea for days but it might not make it better. Time is money. When doing the chalk bot, Deeplocal produced a working prototype in only two days and could assure their client it would work.

Tell a story – the innovation should be a story in itself! The chalk bot is a good example of this. By driving the same road as the race while painting messages to cancer patients it tells the story of Lance Armstrong fighting his cancer.

Thank you Deep Local! The last two days was among the most giving in the Fly Garage!