Project: me

At Hyper Island we not only learn about digital media, we also learn about our selves. Through reflection we get a lot of insights about ourselves, I’ve never had the opportunity before to hear how other people sees me to this extent ever before.

Some insights I’ve learned through this process is that I am perceived as structured, good at getting things done, fast thinking, ebullient idea generator, humble and professional. I’m very happy about this. This is the way I want people to see me as.

Things I’ve learned that I should improve is to appear more confident. I should also share my feelings about things more often, especially my feelings when I don’t agree. I’m very bad at hiding what I think so there is no point in not telling it. I’ve also learned that when I feel that I have a good solution to a problem I need to communicate it more confident and not let go to early. I think these two has to do with each other. Since people perceive me as professional, that I have knowledge that back up what I say and that I’m humble I’m able to act more confident without worrying of appearing unsympathetic.

This is not impossible to achieve. I’m going to try to remember to say what I feel as often as I can. When I have something important to say I will make sure that everybody is listening and understands that it is important and try to back it up with as much proof as possible. Something I really learned at Hyper is that it is always easier to get things accepted if people see that you are well prepared and know what you are talking about. If you want to say something really really important you need to plan well ahead when you will say it, how you will say it and what you can back it up with.

If I can do this you can too! Good luck!