How can advertising make a change?

One thing that I like about working in advertising is that I can have the opportunity to change something with what we are doing. One thing I would like to change is the way people behave and feel like in public spaces.

In Sweden where I come from it is often very cold during the winter and when you are outside you are just on your way somewhere which makes all people outside very alienated from each other. Is there some way we can make people share something and be more happy together? After all public spaces is where we have the chance to connect with anyone in the physical world. I love the digital but we need the human contact as well.

Watch the video and visit for more! Really fun but most importantly it is fun! Thanks for sharing Yentl!

I wrote about the same subject in an older blog post about an installation at a museum here in Buenos Aires, Malla Electronica. The most interesting thing about this installation wasn’t the installation itself but what happened with people around it. Without one person looking at the installation it was hard for others to notice it, and once the next person has seen it too all the people who are looking at it shares something. The gathered people recognize the shared experience with a smile.

This was also our goal with The Living Room – to place something in a boring public space to create a fun experience where strangers could meet.

Companies who would cheer up the environment like this would get a lot of fans I believe. Maybe something to think about?