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Lack of copyright promotes innovation – don’t we want that in every industry?

What does fashion have in common with open source software? That they don’t have any copyrights! In both these industries you see a lot of innovation at the same time as everyone are stealing from everyone. The fact that someone can copy your work just make you more motivated to innovate but you also have free access to use others work. To create new ideas you often put together old ones and in these industries it’s totally fine. The only thing you have copyright on is the brandname.

Why are product categories like music, movies and books so afraid of loosing their copyright? If there is one industry that would need more innovation it’s the movie industry. The shit coming out of Hollywood is just getting worse and worse.

The lack of copyright hasn’t killed the fashion industry, it just made it more innovative and interesting. Maybe it is time for music, movies and books to do the same thing.