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Have one new insight each day and become more intelligent!

Today Project of How reached 1500 likes on their Facebook page! Thank you for a great site! I’m very proud of being one of the initial contributors!

I recently decided to separate my personal blog theriverstream.com from my more educational content. That’s how my new blog Flasheaba.com was born. Flasheaba.com is all about learning new things everyday and to challenge your current mental models. Today Project of How posted my latest article The insights game. Start playing it, challenge yourself and become more intelligent!

How do you prefer to do a brainstorm?

A while ago my Hyper Island friend Ola released his new project Project Of How. It is a platform where you can search methods for coming up with creative ideas. The site contains descriptions of different methods and how to do them as well as creatives talking about their creative process. Today my first contribution was released on the site, Switch it brainstorm. This is the model I myself prefer to use instead of a regular brainstorm. I wrote about it a while ago here on the blog, Does more brains mean better ideas? My interpretation of this method is a mix of things we did at Hyper Island, things I learned during Project Fly while using methods for being more creative and articles I read about it afterwards.

I hope you will find this and the other methods on the site useful!

Does more brains mean more and better ideas?

Idea generation is something we spent a lot of time doing and thinking about at Hyper Island. Just came across an article in an old contagious magazine by DR Amantha Imber on brainstorming that made me think about how we could maximize the idea generation aspects of the project that I’ve been working with for the past 4 months.

In the article DR Imber puts words on the frustration I’ve felt during many idea generations – the ideas simply doesn’t become better just because we are more people or because a bigger group can produce a bigger number of ideas. Some of the points she’s mentioning are: while working together a group will adapt to each others ideas and produce ideas similar to each other, we can make up rules for what is not aloud to say but we still can’t control our body language and we listen very poor to each other while trying to come up with smart things to say.

When you on the other hand, she says, let a group of people think about ideas for themselves first before presenting them to the group, the ideas will be better, more diverse and when the group get together they have time to listen to each others ideas and develop them further into much more developed concepts instead of just coming up with more small ideas.

When we did process follow ups at Hyper Island (a process where we take time to reflect on what has happened and how we can change our work process to become more efficient) we learned to reflect individually first before sharing with our team. We rarely did the same thing for idea generation. My experience is that when given time to think for yourself first, the things that will be shared in the group will normally cover a wider range of topics, everyone will have something to share (no one will be left quiet in a corner) and more of the time spent in group can be used to build on the ideas instead of simply coming up with them. To be honest I often get my best ideas doing something completely different and not during brainstorms. I would like to see more idea generations take ideas coming from other directions into consideration.

How can we use this?
— Give the people who will participate in the idea generation the problem a couple of days ahead to give them a chance to think about ideas.
— If we need to come up with ideas during a meeting, use the Shifting technique. This means idea generate individually for 5 minutes, and then share and develop in group. This process is repeated once more and the whole idea generation meeting is over in 20 minutes. During this time using this technique the result is usually more and better ideas than during a 20 minute group brainstorm everyone together.

Easy as a piece of cake! Since it only takes 20 minutes of your time, why don’t try it next time you need to generate ideas and use an alarm to keep track of the time so that you don’t get lost.

Have fun!

Inspiration Fest

Today we went to Inspiration Fest here in Buenos Aires. It is an event that promotes many different directions within the creative industry. During the day we have experienced conferences, installations, workshops and music.

We listened to Lalo Zanoni from Tercerklick, a social media agency, on new techniques in social media and Leonardo Eyer from Bold Design in Brasil. I realized how spoiled we where with insightful inspiring lectures at Hyper Island and it is definitely a good way to catch up on the latest news in the industry, meet people and get inspired.

During the design lecture I feel like I got a glance of what the world might look like through the eyes of a designer, they probably see things different than I do. If a designer and I are thinking about the same problem the solution for me is in the form of a strategy and a concept, for a designer it might be more visual. We can still share the same idea.

Fia and Nacho made beautiful drawings on the stage where the dj:s performed.

The event took place in a bueautiful industrial concrete building covered in grafitti called Konex. It is used for both events and conferences like this one, a couple of weeks ago I went here on a seminar on the digital development in South America, as well as concerts and clubs.

Process follow up

Yesterday was the last day of the first part of Fly Garage. We have been so called flying while focusing on open idea generation. Now it is time to move into production but to end the first part we had a good old process follow up Hyper Island style run by Fia and me.

We started off by talking a bit about what we do at Hyper Island and why to give the process follow up a context.

If you haven’t seen it, take a look at the walnut movie. It’s all about learning by failing.

To put the group in the right mood we showed them the values we followed at Hyper Island, they might seem a bit too obvious and universal but it feels like it helped the group get into the mood:
1. Freedom of expression
2. You are in charge
3. Open minded
4. Equality
5. Confidentiality

To inspire reflection we gave the group the following questions to think about:
1. What did we do as a group that was good?
2. What could we as a group have done better?
3. What did I do that was good?
4. will I do different next time?
5. What will I bring with me from here?

Next we divided the process in three parts:
1. 20 minutes to think individually
2. 20 minutes to share in small groups
3. 20 minutes to share with the whole group

We pointed out a lot of things that can be better next time Kraft run a project like this. I feel proud to have been part of this new initiative within Kraft. It was fun to get to use the methods we have learned at Hyper Island in the real world and see that it worked there to, both as process follow ups and idea generation methods.

Something we where all very impressed by was that all members of the team where able to work very good together from the start. Everyone was very open minded and showed each other a lot of respect. I think one thing that helped us work like this for this three week period was that when we started working together we didn’t know too much about each other why we saw each others as equals. We all came from different places to a whole new context which we all shared. This is something to remember while doing similar projects in the future.

Other things we did good:
– spend time together outside the office (dinners, excursions)
– have inspiring lectures
– mix of many different backgrounds in team
– lots of food and candy always available

Some things we could have done better:
– use more idea generation methods to inspire
– get more own time to think about ideas
– be more where the target group are
– do more energizers (more physical activities over all)
– do process follow ups more often
– in the first days, have a short introduction of Susan Wheelans group stages and how to be an effective group member

I have had a great time working on this project and I have made a lot of good friends! We ended the process follow up with a check out, every person check out by telling the group what they feel right now. My feelings where happy, proud, powerful, inspired and sad (will miss everyone). Thank you for three great weeks! Hope to see you all again some time and I’m looking forward to see the outcome of the project!