The DJ challenge: Part 3

Ok, the last mix wasn’t that good, the beat matching wasn’t as good as I expected but tonight I found out why: I forgot to turn down the volume in the headphones of the track that I mixed in, therefore I didn’t hear how the tracks sounded together when they where mixed.

Tonight I had a visit of my friend Warren who gave me some extra stuff to work on. Something that I found hard doing my first mix that I wrote about in previous post, is know what parts of the two tracks fit best together. Warren introduced something that at first feels like cheating, but if everyone are doing it maybe it is not. What he showed me is the bookmarking function. This allows you to while listening to a track in advance put bookmarks in the track where the good parts start and end. In this way you can quickly jump to these parts of the track while you play it live.

What I also found hard is when I’m in the middle of mixing in a new song and the song previously playing “suddenly” starts doing something else, like singing, which makes the mix feel interrupted. Warren introduced me to a solution of this problem too: When the first track is about to end and I’m in a part that fits well to mix with the next track I can loop that part until I’m done mixing in the next part. This buys you some extra time and you avoid having someone starting to sing in the middle of the mixing.

Great stuff! My mind is totally blown away right now. I love learning new stuff!!! It kind of reminds me of the time when I learned how to go snowboarding, you realize more and more all the time and stuff that you didn’t understand at all in the beginning when someone explained them to you suddenly starts to make sense!

What should I learn next time! Can’t get enough of new learnings!