Case: The Ford Fiesta Movement

A campaign that I really like and that went very well is the Ford Fiesta Movement. In the end they had 50 000 potential new customers in USA where the campaign ran, and for the car industry that is pretty good.

The Ford Fiesta is a small car well suited for young people without a family. Regular advertising doesn’t work very well on this target group, they rather trust their friends and connections online than companies speaking directly to them.

To be able to tell them about this car that perfectly suits their needs they realized they needed to go through their friends and network online. Therefore Ford lent out cars to 20-30 year old people who write a blog or in another way are very active in social media with many followers. The persons who got to borrow the cars got them on one condition: they got a couple of missions including the cars that they needed to perform and write about in their blogs.