This is what I am!

We had a workshop today with Linda Nordfors where we worked with the lists we created – what we love, what we can do and what is important to us. The result of today is the following job-ad:

You are: someone who would like to get to know about the best places for dancing and running all over the world. You would also like to have these experiences created at home.

I am: traveling to different places around the world where I run and dance and write a blog or book about it. When I come home I will hold lectures about my experiences and create concepts for events that let you have the same experiences as I had.

This might not be the thing I would love to do the most in my life but in a weird way it kind of incorporates everything on my list* and if I would get an offer to do it I wouldn’t say no. This idea might just work because it is crazy enough!

The qualities that shows that I could do this is that I love to run and dance in new places, I’m good at creating structure and present information, good at generating ideas and coming up with concepts and write.

It might sound weird to some people who know me that I like presentations because I’m always pretty nervous when I do, but when I’m well prepared and talk about something I like I actually enjoy it pretty much.

Something else that I thought about today is how much I actually love creating structure, I do it automatically all the time when I think and while I do it I really enjoy it. I use it for analyzing information by dissect problems and restructure them and to find the gaps, what I need to learn. Time goes by very fast when I do this. The structure in my head looks like grids and 3D mindmaps.

I love the feeling of enlightenment you get when you learn new things and come up with new ideas and has done so since I was a kid. This was what I learned

* Travel to new places and come up with concepts – get new insights, generate ideas and create integrated concepts, arrange events, gather and present information in a blog or book – create structure and write, experience new places, run and dance, hold lectures.