Where do you find your inspiration?

I would like to dedicate this post to my link-list which you can find under I read in the menu on top of this page. I have tried out using both Bookmarks and Delicious to save my favorite links, but I’m too lazy to go to another site every time I want to go to my favorite sites and I would also like to reach my bookmarks from any computer as well as share them with my friends.

I do visit my own blog a lot, at least three times a week when I write a new post, to write new posts I need inspiration and it might also be interesting for my readers to see where I get my inspiration from. What better place to save my links than on my blog then!

In time the list grew bigger and bigger and I started to organize them after different categories.

In the top you find the links for my morning habits. I start every morning viewing some newspapers online to see if anything new happened in the world.

My favorite type of inspiration is to see what other people has created with technology and code. If I weren’t a creative strategist I would love spending my days just building installations and applications like these.

Next comes my links for inspiration. These links doesn’t apply to any specific area, they are more for finding new ideas in general.

Next comes Social Media and advertising. It’s good to stay up to date with what other people are doing in the business but remember to not get to hung up on it, it will make it harder to come up with your own ideas.

For my strategist research I like to read about trends and how to use analytics tools. To read business magazines is also a good way to stay up to date with what’s happening.

If you have any other links that are kick ass for inspiration, please feel free to post them below.