Who’s going to SXSW?

Not me but I wish I was going.

SXSW is a festival in Austin, Texas, held in March every year. Over one week you have the chance to experience the latest in Interactive, Film and Music. I love music festivals, don’t have enough patience to attend a film festival, but what I’m most excited about is the interactive part. During the festival you have the chance to listen to lectures, attend workshops see loads of new technology and meet people working with interactivity and technology.

The original goal of the SXSW was to create a place for creative people to meet to exchange ideas and develop their careers. When the festival first started in 1987 as a music festival. As placed in the middle of the country, Austin found themselves isolated from the rest of the industry. SXSW was a way to bring the music business to Austin, and since the city already had a reputation of being a source of creative bands people from the music industry all around the worls was interested to come to Texas. Austin also has a significant industry of film and high-tech companies and in 1994 SXSW added interactivity and film to the festival program.

I would like to go to learn new things, get inspired and meet new people with the same interests. Apparently the party is good too, there are a lot of events going on during the week. To go will be one of my targets for next year.